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Recyclable Chiller
Recirculating Chiller DL-400
<b><u>ProductApplication</u></b>ZhengzhouSykesRecyclableChiller DL-400 isdesignedfor0.5L~2
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Product Application

Zhengzhou Sykes Recyclable Chiller DL-400 is designed for 0.5L ~ 2L small lab scale rotary evaporator. Small footprint can save laboratory space. It is can be placed on the bench or on the floor.

It is widely applied in low temperature condition for chemical, biological and physical experiments which need to be carried on under low temperature. 

Usually, recyclable chiller is used with a lab-scale rotary evaporator and a vacuum pump to form a total system to complete the experiment. 



1. Compact design with small footprint

2. Air cooled type 

3. Large LCD display operation panel

4. The complete closed circulating system can prevent volatilization and pollution of coolant efficiently, and can save resources.