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Short Path Distillation Kit
1L Short Path Distillation Kit SPD-1
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Brief Introduction

Short Path Distillation is designed according to the principle of molecular distillation. It is a model of Simulated molecular distillation. It is called short path distillation because the distance between the heating surface and the cooling surface is very close and the resistance is very small. Built-in condenser, the vaporized vapour phase is liquefied instantly and the volume is contracted, so that the high vacuum inside the equipment can be maintained. The operation vacuum of short path distillation can reach 1Pa, which is difficult to achieve for other evaporation and distillation equipments. Therefore, short path distillation is especially suitable for high boiling-point materials which are difficult to be separated with common separation methods under normal pressure.  


1. As a new kind of liquid-liquid separation equipment, short path distillation has been successfully applied in many industries such as enrichment, crystallization, drying, fractional distillation, purification, essential oil extraction, separation, drug, solvent recycling, high-temperature decomposition, biopharmaceutical industry and so on.

2. Short path distillation is usually used with a recirculating chiller and a vacuum pump together.