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Electric Heating Mantle
Electric Hotplate Infrared Heating Furnace HGJR-02
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Brief Introduction

This series of machine adopts infrared heating and microcrystalline glass plate isolation, which completely solves the potential safety hazard of electric furnace heating in the laboratory with open fire and electricity leakage. The life of quartz heating tube can reach 5000 hours with rapid heating and radiation heating to avoid local high temperature. Microcrystalline glass has excellent performance, easy to pass through the infrared ray, and effective insulation, 800 degrees high temperature in cold water will not burst, corrosion resistance, excellent safety protection performance. With long service life and excellent safety performance, the machine is an ideal replacement for the electric heating plate in the laboratory.

Main Features

1. Halogen infrared heating tube, quartz tube vacuum protection, heating wire is not easy to oxidize damage,no open fire, heating up quickly.

2. Infrared radiation heating, more suitable for glass container heating, heat can penetrate the glass.It is directly absorbed by the solution and heated uniformly with small thermal inertia.

3. Glass-ceramics isolation, insulation, anti-corrosion, high temperature in water will not burst, safe and durable.

4. Touch sensor keys are durable and resistant to chemical corrosion.

5. Microcomputer control to adjust the heating power, 50w gradient adjustment, startup default 300w, no strong current shock, convenient and adjustable heating speed.

6. 304 stainless steel anticorrosive housing, suitable for laboratory corrosion environment.

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